What Our Clients Are Saying About Us:


"Cory and Shane rock! I had called them explained the problem...an estimate was given and we went from there. Minutes later Cory was here at our home to check out the problem and see what would need to be done. Shortly there after he showed up with Shane and a backhoe ready to take on the job. They were both very respectful and hard workers. Very pleasant to visit with...they were fun. No doubt in my mind...I will use them again. And tell others about their wonderful service. Oh and to the person who gave the awful review and stated they arent from loveland...get your facts straight...they miracuosly live right down the street from us. In LOVELAND!"

"I have found Jennys Plumbing to be incredibly professional and reliable in all my dealings with this company. Cory Bovee the owner of Jennys is totally honest and his prices are below those of other plumbers I have hired."

"We discovered a bad leak from a pipe above our living room ceiling early in the evening. I called Cory, and he sent a team early the next morning. Robert and Shane were prompt, courteous, knowledgeable, and efficient. They quickly diagnosed the problem. They were reasonable and well priced compared to their competitors. They not only fixed the leaky pipe in our ceiling, but located the original problem: a defunct expansion tank and a pressure release valve (PRV) switch, which was causing enormous pressure on the pipes inside the house. They were very precise in their work and careful not to make a mess. They shared helpful information regarding preventative measures for the future. My wife and I appreciated the fact that Cory, the owner, took the time to stop by and introduce himself and to check up on things. Jenny's Plumbing truly cares about their customers. I will recommend them to all my friends and neighbors, and I will use them for all my future plumbing needs. It's nice to work with a company you can trust."

"I needed several items serviced at our home in Keenesburg, CO. I called Jenny's Plumbing to see if they could schedule a service call on June 28. Cory Bovee (owner) scheduled a time at my convenience and arrived 10 minutes early. He serviced our furnace/AC, propane fireplace and fixed a small propane leak at the outside regulator. His work is very professional and he explained each of the service procedures in layman terms. His prices were very reasonable. Jenny's Plumbing has a 5 star A rating as an accredited BBB business. I would highly recommend this company for anyone looking for excellent plumbing work in the northern Colorado area."

"I was very satisfied with the service provided by Cory and Dan from Jenny's Plumbing. They did a quick job of diagnosing the problem (broken PRV) and replaced it quickly. Cory also diagnosed a problem we've been having with our Rinnai tankless water heaters and provided a solution. I'll be using them again for future plumbing needs."

"I'm finishing my basement and doing most of the work myself. When it was time to rough in the bathroom I found that I was in a little over my head. Initially, I hired Jenny's Plumbing to move an existing drain. However, the plumber (Cory) did such a fast, professional job that I decided to hire him to help me rough in the rest of the bathroom. With Cory's help I was able to get my bathroom roughed in in about 25% of the time that it would have taken me by myself, and we were able to stay within my relatively small budget. I highly recommend Jenny's Plumbing to anyone who is finishing their basement in Northern Colorado."

"Prompt, friendly, competent plumber who is not afraid to work on outdoor emergencies in December! I will definitely call JP the next time I need a plumber."

"I own a few rental properties and I flip a few now and then also. Anyway, I needed a plumber that I could count on to do a lot of work, from installing the entire plumbing system on one place that I had to gut and on another that I needed a new water heater. I did a search on-line and found Jennys Plumbing - I liked the donkey connection as we raise those cute critters - and I called.I cannot say enough about this business and Cory. He was extremely knowledgeable about all of the work that I needed done and I hired him on the spot. The work that he completed was done in a very timely manner. He was courteous and efficient and his prices were actually quite reasonable.I know that he will be able to cover me on all of my property plumbing needs as he seems to do it all. Jennys Plumbing exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend this business."